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"Thank you SO MUCH for the healing. Deep-deep gratitude! My son has fully recovered and I feel better in myself too! It was really powerful and I have no doubt that it helped him to recover."  ~ G. Vincent, UK                                   

“Your biofield is seriously the most powerful modality for affecting change that I have ever experienced. I was more grounded and emotionally able to handle many of the challenges I was facing in my life. Specifically, I had major life changes in my relationship and my home and I was able to move through them with grace and ease. As a result, my children and I experienced peace and harmony instead of intense anger or grief.


What could have been weeks or months of "processing" or years of traditional therapy was merely emotional energy easily moving through like carbonation in a soft drink. I could literally feel your hands moving up my body, it was palpable. I have seen a marked improvement in a chronic rash on my face and neck. The flakiness has been reduced by 60% and the redness by 30% without use of topical cortisone! 


 I could not have imagined getting through this without your support and biofield, and it's reminding me viscerally that there is a quantum, and I can affect it. It really really helped. Again so grateful. Thanks so much!!!I ~ Andy Spyros, Los Angeles

"I regained the confidence in my connection to a quantum self, and I reprocessed the list of strength that I have: imagination, courage, curiosity, endurance,tenacity for self-evolution and reverence for incarnation. I can not thank you enough for bringing me back!  To self-trust and trust in the process. I felt guarded, protected and stronger, revered..I felt as I experience guardians around me like my maternal grandmother who had an enormous influence in my early childhood."  ~ Mariola Peden, R.N., Greenville, SC

"II experienced a cataclysmic, full body release, my entire body was just all particles of energy, rolling energy flowing through me, a vortex of energy. A feeling like all my molecules were dancing around. I felt struck, as with a tone? that rippled through my whole body. Stuff is just releasing and releasing, my goodness its just transformation right now! Witnessing how the biofield is still happening, emotions still surfacing. Feeling lighter and honestly brighter, my consciousness has just shifted so much more, expanding, a lot of old patterns of doing, tears, emotion. I don't want to go back to who I used to be, I want to stay here. This is a very new place, trying to find words for it. Something is really happening!! Thank you, I am still in awe, love it! ~ Chris P., Orange County, CA

"I have never felt so good with any other treatment as I do with Biofield, such peace, even for days afterward, nothing can compare; and I have been doing Network chiropractic for 2 years! This is just different, it blows everything else out of the water. My legs and feet felt almost weightless, lifting off the table, full of energy,  kind of like ecstasy in my legs, such an itense feeling, I was like, "woah!!" I saw so many images! Hard to describe. Swirling nebula, like in my tummy...I had to lay on the tabe for quite awhile afterward, it felt like all my cells were liquified. And I didn't get cramps the past 2 months, which is  a miracle, since I have had debilitating ones for 16 years! My arms were moving a lot, they wanted to change position. And I felt like all of a sudden my whole perception shifted sideways, like I tilted! My neck adjusted by itself when I sat up." ~ C. Jacobson

" i somehow felt some intangible answer to my prayers, a sense of quiet peace, of a calmness, a relaxing. Even now as i write this, i do not feel the acute impingement upon my will. i find i can sit with no thoughts, a quiet mind.  the bliss of inner silence, just crickets and the rustle of leaves, so sweet, so still. unaffected, unperturbed.

felt very still in my mind, serene, like an alpine lake with mist rising, the sun overhead, green trees and rocky mountains, birds. I saw rainbows, and colors, and thought of color changing lights; at one point, it actually felt like the table had suddenly turned sideways!" - David C., Corralitos, CA

"Lots of emotion coming up, cried a lot; later I experienced a huge, fundamental, life changing transformation, the biggest ever, releasing externalization of goals reaching outward for happiness. Also had vivid dreams that night, with deep insight. Lots of physical adjustments, movements, shifts in energy, like a wave coming into my brain from right to left. The headache I had for several days has lessened considerably."  ~ Keith G., Boulder Creek, CA

Lovely, very relaxed, a feeling like floating on a magic carpet, or waves. 
~ Christine K, Adelaide Australia

WOW, the pain was just gone after you worked on me, and I actually slept through the night; it's a MIRACLE!! - Markus MacPherson

Liesl's incredible enthusiasm for healing, and the many different modalities that she uses to support people to feel their best selves, has been transformative for me. I felt so seen and heard in her presence. I experienced deep levels of compassion, kindness and caring from her during a very hard time in my life…  She was always very tuned into me whenever she was with me. I felt held, supported and relieved. She listens deeply - Carla H. Brown

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