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Harmonic Translation System

Vibrational Remedies

"A flower, a tree, a blade of grass, when broken down to their essential components, are energy and information.


The whole universe,

in its essential nature, is the movement

of energy and information."


~ Deepak Chopra, MD

21st century electronic medicine


Human beings seem to operate much like extremely advanced biocomputers.  Like a computer, the operating code can become corrupted, requiring bug fixes or upgrades, or new information.  

Essentially, everything that we take in is actually information, be it air, food, thoughts, or medicines. 


But unlike computers, human beings are also highly adaptive and self repairing, always seeking harmony and equilibrium.

Human being are also composed mostly of water. It has been demonstrated that water is a liquid crystal, capable of holding imprinted information, which can be transferred to it through light, sound, and electromagnetic fields. 


The harmonic translation system is an information medicine delivery system that translates biological information into harmonic shifts of sound. The information is not contained in the notes themselves, but coded into the relationship of one musical note to another. The H T software translates medicinal substances into "energy signatures" that are stored in a multidimensional matrix based on the Mayan Tzolken, in a virtual medicine cabinet. The Harmonic Body is especially receptive to this subtle information.


 Through computerized non-cognitive biofeedback and applied kinesiology,we can "ask" the harmonic body directly what information is creating a stress response, by testing the response of the harmonic body to thousands of electronic patterns to discover which vibrational frequencies best address the source of stress, and support a return to harmonic resonance.

We can then use that information to compose a unique, harmonizing "song" of nourishing energy-information which is encoded into sound, color, and geometric frequency shifts in an electromagnetic signal. This "electronic remedy", or synthesized homeopathic, gives the harmonic body the specific subtle suggestion it requests via the biofeedback loop, which it then uses to return itself to equilibrium. In this way we can literally “feed our field”.


You can read more about Harmonic Translation technology from its creator, by visiting


"The HT System is designed to make the practitioner a better healer

in the same way that a fine musical instrument can make the player

a better musician."


~ Jon Monroe, HTS creator

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