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Harmonic Bodywork

"I sing the body electric!" ~Walt Whitman

Touch is profoundly nurturing, relaxing, and rejuvenating; our most basic and instinctive  means of  tuning the  physical body.

We literally sing with the forces of energy as matter; each organ, gland, tissue, and bone its harmonic. Simple pressure, when well placed with intent, may awaken the song in the cells.


During a Harmonic Bodywork session, you will receive deeply soothing, nourishing, and  restorative integrated massage therapy, that seamlessly blends elements of various modalities into a mutlidimensional healing experience intuitively customized specifically to you.


Depending on your needs, your session may include Swedish, Lomi Lomi,  Deep Tissue, Myofascial Unwinding, Soft Tissue Mobilization, Cranio-Sacral, Structural Muscular Balancing, Acupressure, Reflexology, and Resonant Point Release®. You can choose to end with a mini Biofield Healing™.


Resonant Point Balancing is a unique, multidimensional myofascial-energy technique that I developed through experiential discovery, It is both subtle energy work and deep tissue work. 

It involves holding connected pairs of "Resonant Points"; listening from a compassionate space to the way the body wants to release; and following the spiral of unwinding through multiple layers of muscle and connective tissue. This "entrainment" of connected points activates the natural piezoelectric flows, softening stuck tissues back into a more fluid, gel-like state.

As tension and restriction melt, the neurological, craniosacral, respiratory, lymphatic, and cardiovascular rhythms are freed up to re-harmonize. This freed up circulation of vital energy bathes and attunes the cells, enhancing functionality at all levels.


         In this way, the body can "re-member" its natural state of ease and equilibrium.

"Liesl is an extremely powerful and intuitive healer."  - Deidre Blankenship
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