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Liesl Lee Lehman Cotter, CMT


1983  Magic Valley Massotherapy Institute, Mark F. Beck, Director
700 hour equivalency course: Anatomy/Physiology, Swedish Massage, Ohashi Acupressure, Deep Tissue Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Reflexology,  Lymphatic Drainage, Athletic Massage, Infant & Prenatal Massage, Structural - Muscular  Balancing;  Hydrotherapy, CPR/first aid, Tai Chi, Qigong, Applied Kinesiology,  Oriental Medicine 5 element theory; Touch for Health, Jin Shin Do 


1987    Fitness Instructor Training, Karen Clippenger, Seattle Parks and Recreation
1988    Psychoneuroimmunology and AIDS, Cortext/University of CA
1990    The Healing Cauldron,  Nicki Scully
1991    Planetary Healing, Nicki Scully
1992    Sacred Psychology  (Mystics, Saints and Fools),  Jean Houston, Ph.D.
1993    Tibetan Healing,  Madi Nolan
1993    Don't Think Like a Human,  Kryon/Lee Carol
1994    Core Shamanism,  Michael Harner, Ph.D., Foundation for Shamanic Studies.
1995    Shamanism and Spirits of Nature, Leslie Conton, Ph.D. Foundationfor Shamanic Studies  
1996    Lomi Lomi Nui Shamanic Massage Intensive, Big Island Hawaii, Shawn LaSala Kimmel, LMP,                N.W. Center for Hawaiian Healing Arts
1997    Living Large on a Small Planet,  sacred dance with Solara
1997    Conscious Breathing,  Seth Bartlett, Unfoldings Unlimited
1997    Intro. to Cranial Sacral Therapy,  Michael Strauss, LMP
1997    Cranial Sacral Therapy 1, Joseph Rodin, MA, LMP,  Spectrum Massage School
1998    Cranial Sacral II, Michael Strauss LMP
1998    Soft Tissue Release, Stuart Taws, SRT, British Sports Therapy
1999    Walking Between the Worlds,  Gregg Braden
1999    Through the Eyes of A Child,  Drunvalo Melchesidek
1999    Energy Awareness (VB 1), International Academy of Vibrational Medical Science
1999    Psychobiology of Mental Control, Cortext/University of CA
2000    Orgodynamics, BodyMind Energetics Institute, Seattle WA
2000    Sacred Geometry of the Heart, EKG Biofeedback; Dan Winter
2001    Yuen Energetics,( Chinese Energetic Medicine) Basic, Dr Kam Yuen, Shaolin West  International
2001    Yuen Energetics, Intermediate,  Dr Kam Yuen, Shaolin West International
2002    Harmonic Translation System Electronic Healing, Level 1-2 certification,
            Electronic Medicine Association, Peter Moscow & Jon Monroe
2002    Yuen Energetics, Advanced,  Dr Kam Yuen, Shaolin West International
2003    Human Ascension, Kryon Seminar in Everett WA, Lee Caroll 
2004    Frequency Specific Microcurrent, Carol McMakin, DC
2005    Loving Who Shows Up, Eric Dowsett, Clear Home, Clear Heart
2005    Messages in the Water, Masuro Emoto
2005    Resonant Field Imaging, Energy Medicine Analyst course ( partial), I.T.E.M.
2006    Divine Feminine as the Gateway to the Wisdom Civilization, with Jean Houston,                                    Barbara  Marx Hubbard, Caroline Myss, Gina Sala
2006    Anatomy Trains Myofascial Meridians, fundamentals course; Judith Koch
2007    Living the Field, ebook course, Lynn McTaggert
2007    The Science of Peace audio series, David Wilcock
2008    Feldenkrais for Neck and Jaw, Jan Kingston
2008    Healing Codes, Dr. Alex Loyd
2008    LT3, Dr. Alex Loyd
2008    The Power of the Energetic Heart, Howard Martin, Institute of Heartmath
2008    Big Mind, Big Heart, Genpo Roshi and Bill Harris
2009    Matrix Energetics, Levels 1 and 2, Richard Bartlett
2010    Matrix Energetics, Level 3, Richard Bartlett
2010    The Trivedi Effect, Residential Retreat, San Diego, CA, the Trivedi Foudation
2012    Cadaver Anatomy, Becky Love, Bastyr University
2012    Spring Forest Qigong, Qissage, Chunyi Lin (home study)
2012    Functional Anatomy of The Spine, David Lowe, PT
2013    Unlimited Abundance, Chritie Marie Sheldon, Mindvalley
2014    AccessBars®, Renee Tennant
2015    Intention Masterclass, Lynn McTaggert
2015    Sing for Joy! The Magic of Music as Ministry, Kath Robinson
2015    Quantum Jumping, Burt Goldman, Mindvalley
2015    Biofield Healing Practitioner program, Debora Wayne, Biofield Healing Institute
2016    Uncompromised Life Transformational Hypnotherapy, Marisa Peers, Mindvalley
2016    Foundations of Spiritual Mastery 1, Ken Stone
2016    Unlock Your Quantum Powers, Dr Jean Houson
2016    Compassion Key Practitioner Certification program, Edward Mannix

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